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Hi!  I'm
noun-hey-5052933 (1)_edited.png

Here's a summary of my professional background:

  • 9+ years of business operations experience

  • 4+ years of UX and graphic design experience

  • Business degree with a minor in psychology

  • College certificates in UX design and graphic design


(That's me on the left!)

My design journey began with my experience developing new workflow processes for a growing team at my current role. I discovered that the most gratifying parts of my jobs were designing and testing the tools to streamline team efficiency and improve user experience. I am interested in building knowledge and believe that broadening perspectives can bring about creative solutions. I care about the details and am motivated to inspire through empathy, inclusion, and education.

Outside of work, one of my favourite activities is sport climbing - problem solving being one of the main factors. I understand that everyone solves the same problem differently, trust within teams can motivate success, being flexible can open up ways to overcome obstacles, and that the most minute changes can make the greatest difference.

Please note that the resume I send in to apply for a job may not look like the most current version hosted on this site.

I believe in continuous iterations and am constantly updating my resume and portfolio to reflect the feedback I receive!


Here are some things I do in my free time:


I like to keep moving - on foot or on wheels.

Cycling, longboarding,

sport climbing, hiking -

you name it!


I like board games and digital games.

Especially their user flow,

UI design, storytelling, and collaborative gameplay.


I like to capture moments...

While traveling,

but also on adventures

close to home.


I like to read, write, and create music.

Getting lost in a book or putting pen to paper provides the good kind of escapism.

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